Accounts Receivable

Discover the Many Benefits of Accounts Receivable Financing

Do you have receivable accounts that regularly don’t pay within 90 days? It can take a lot of effort to follow up on such accounts and collect on them. It can also be frustrating when you need the money from receivable accounts but can’t get it. That’s where Frontier Capital Financing comes in. We offer an accounts receivable financing program that gives you immediate access to the cash you need in exchange for your receivable invoices. Just sell your invoices to us for a discounted price and you’ll free up your time and cash for other things.

Benefits of the Program

In addition to providing you with quick money (usually within 24 hours), financing receivables can also offer the following benefits:

  • No need to make fixed payments
  • Complimentary credit insurance on your clients
  • Funding you can put toward any unexpected order
  • No loan board making arbitrary decisions

Financing is available for practically all business types and it’s possible to receive increased funding as your receivables grow. There is no recourse and no personal guarantees associated with this program.

Start Today

We offer a no-obligation application process that will cost you nothing. To get started, just call us during our regular business hours and one of our personable financial representatives will answer all your questions.