Equipment Financing

Save Your Business Budget by Leasing Equipment

Choosing to lease versus purchase is a wise move for many businesses. has equipment financing that can help your business no matter what market you serve or the size of your company. That way, you can still install the tools you need, but you can do it without making a large purchase that takes too much of your budget.

Enjoy Your Leasing Benefits

There are obvious benefits of leasing, such as saving money, increasing your available cash flow for other business expenses and replacing old equipment with new machinery. However, there are other reasons to lease, such as:

  • Low payments
  • Little, if any, down payment
  • Preserving business credit lines
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Accounting and tax advantages

Choose Your Leasing Program

Once you decide that equipment leasing is the right option for you, you’ll need to figure out which program to apply for. The following three are the ones we offer:

  • Government program: We are pleased to offer a program for municipal and government agencies. With this program, we can cover fire departments, armed services, police departments, public libraries and public schools to ensure they all have the equipment necessary to serve the public.
  • Lease-to-sale program: If you want to lease equipment with the end goal of owning it, this program is for you. The ownership of the tools will be handed over to you once your business makes the final payment.
  • New business program: This one is ideal for startups and new businesses with less than two years of experience in the market. We know it can take a large part of the budget to outfit your business with equipment, so we help startups cover these costs in an affordable way.

Get Ready To Lease Your Equipment Today

Do you need equipment financing for your business? If so, contact us today. Our team can explain how this financing works and supply you with an application so you can move forward in the application process.